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Take a look at the latest news and updates from Brighton Hearing Care, Brighton, Sussex. Find out more about Hearing Care, Hearing Aids and much more.

Meet the new range of award-winning Oticon Own™ Hearing Aids

Oticon release new Oticon Own™ technology levels 3, 4 and 5 Last year one of our hearing aid suppliers Oticon announced the release of their new Oticon Own™ range – their new family of custom, made for you, in-the-ear hearing aids offering the best in audiological performance, supported by the brand’s latest superior life-changing technology. Oticon Own™ are the world's first...


Signia Active and Active Pro - The Hearable Solution

Wow! exciting times are ahead, the 9th of April saw the introduction of this brand new concept from Signia and we can't wait to get our hands on it. So what's new and what's so great about this hearable solution. Game Changing Tech The game-changing Signia Active solutions take hearing aids to the next level for you. Prescription audio that enhances...


Oticon - Now offering MORE!

Oticon More Today Oticon, one of the worlds leaders in hearing care, launched their NEW hearing aid and Sight and Sound, Bognor were extremely excited to attend their virtual launch. So what did the new product have to offer, here are some of the highlights. A world-first solution that makes it possible to give hearing aid users access to all...


Oticon Opn Now Rechargeable

ADAM FERRIER 31ST OCTOBER 2017 This month has seen the usual launch of some updates from our hearing aid suppliers, the most notable being the introduction of a rechargeable version of the Oticon Opn. Oticon launched the Opn in April last year and we have found it hugely successful with our clients, the sound quality and technology you get is some...


A negative stigma is a concern for people with hearing loss!

ADAM FERRIER 2ND OCTOBER 2018 According to the Cambridge English dictionary the definition of stigma is “a strong feeling of disapproval that most people in a society have about something, especially when this is unfair” for many people with hearing loss this perception of “disapproval” will ring true. We often see clients whose biggest hurdle is coming to terms with the...


What is a hearing test?

ADAM FERRIER 2ND OCTOBER 2018  Out of the 1 in 6 people who suffer from a hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing device, sadly many will not do anything about it. With much research showing a link to poor performance in a working environment, an impact on personal relationships as well as social isolation and even depression as...


Signia Styletto

ADAM FERRIER 29TH OCTOBER TRANSFORMING THE IMAGE OF HEARING AIDS With the stylish new Styletto hearing aids from Signia, there’s more than meets the eye. Crystal-clear sound quality, portable rechargeability, and Own Voice Processing are just a few of the high-tech features these uniquely beautiful hearing aids have to offer because there’s a lot more under the surface. Styletto hearing aids...


Best hearing aid providers for 2018

ADAM FERRIER 21ST NOVEMBER 2018 Which surveyed more than 3,100 customer to bring you an essential guide to the best and worst hearing aid providers. Here are a couple of the highlights. Out of the five large High Street chains rated, the top provider scored 79%, while the bottom one scored as low as 62% Independent retailers came out top, with a...