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Hearing Tests


A regular hearing healthcare check is the first step in addressing any concerns you may have about your hearing and ability to communicate. Our typical appointment time for a full hearing assessment is 60-90 minutes and allows your audiologist to fully explore the communications issues you are having, assess your hearing, and discuss appropriate solutions.

Hearing tests for adults and children

What happens in a hearing test? A hearing test (audiogram) measures the range of sounds a person can hear including the quietest of speech. I will also ask you when you find it more difficult to hear – in crowds, when near busy streets or roads or trying to pick up quieter noises?

What does a hearing test consultation include?

  • Visual inspection of the ear and ear drum
  • Taking hearing health and general health history – when did you notice that your hearing wasn’t as good as it should be? Have you had any recent illnesses, ear infections or injuries?
  • Identifying and documenting your unique hearing and lifestyle communication needs – what is your lifestyle like on a day to day basis and how does your hearing loss affect your daily activities?
  • Hearing and communication goal setting – from hearing someone talk in a busy environment to listening to bird song, we can set goals to ensure you can hear the noises that you want to hear.
  • Performing the comprehensive hearing test – whilst wearing headphones we will play you different sounds at various frequencies. Every time you hear a sound, you will be asked to let me know by pressing a button and then your results will be plotted on a hearing chart called an Audiogram. This will give me a clear picture of what you can and can’t hea
  • Discussing the hearing test results in clear easy to understand terms and follow up recommendations

I will guide your through the options and will take into account your loss, lifestyle and budget when recommending any hearing device. Our hearing is one of our most important senses that allows us to enjoy the full richness of sound and communication on a daily basis. Having a regular hearing test allows us to keep a check on your hearing health. If you think you have an issue, then get in touch.

Hearing tests in clinic *New Service*

I am pleased that we are now able to offer a comprehensive new service of hearing care. Working in partnership with Brighton Consulting Rooms, we will initially be there every week from the 23rd of April offering all our services from hearing tests to ear wax removal and hearing aid repairs and consultations. You can book online, via email or call us on 01273 071687 for more information.

Hearing tests at home

I offer a home visit hearing test service in the Brighton area to provide clients with a hearing assessment in the comfort of their own home. This allows them to be relaxed in familiar surroundings, reducing the stress of the test.  I always suggest a family member to attend the appointment if this makes the patient feel more comfortable.

If you are having trouble with your hearing and would like a hearing test, then please call on 01273 071687 or 07808 522 652 to schedule an appointment.