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Invisible Hearing Aids


Invisible hearing aids have been hugely popular for many years, people really love the idea of a so-called "hidden hearing aid". However, with the introduction of Receiver In Canal hearing aids, their popularity has faded somewhat. Here is what you need to know about invisible in canal hearing aids.

What Are Invisible Hearing Aids?

Invisible hearing aids are deep fitting-in-the ear hearing aids. They sit deep within the ear canal and the faceplate of the hearing aid cannot be seen. Therefore, they have been given the name invisible hearing aids. These hearing instruments are called by different names by the different hearing aid manufacturers - SoundLens by Starkey, nano by Phonak, IIC by Oticon, or just plain invisible hearing aids from everyone else. Some of the hearing aid brands have even introduced wireless invisible hearing devices - something which up to now has been technically difficult.

Are Invisible Hearing Devices Suitable For Everyone?

Unfortunately, invisible hearing aids aren't suitable for everyone. Hearing loss is always a factor, but the size and shape of your ear canal can also be an issue. If your ear canal is either too small, too narrow or too awkward, you won't be suitable for these devices.

Invisible Hearing Aids With Bluetooth?

While there are wireless invisible hearing aids, there are currently some Bluetooth or Made For iPhone invisible hearing aids. Wireless invisible hearing aids are equipped to connect to the manufacturer's audio streaming devices. This is a great way to have the best of both worlds, both discreet and functional.