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Hearing Aid Brands


Hearing Aids From World Leading Brands

At Brighton Hearing Care, I want you to have to the best so that you can hear well whilst wearing a hearing aid that is comfortable and suits your lifestyle. Which is why we are constantly reviewing who we deal with and what technologies are available.

Brighton Hearing Care Is An Independent Hearing Aid Provider

Our company is independent which means that I have access to a wide choice of hearing aids. That said, I tend to use three of the best brands to supply our equipment, this allows us to not only focus on getting the best from your hearing and hearing aids, but will give you and us the confidence if something isn't right the manufacturer will give us the best support. If you would like another brand, then please let us know so that I can source it for you.

Hearing Aids That Offer Everything

The reason that I concentrate on three specific hearing aid brands is that they provide us with everything that I need to treat almost everyone with hearing loss. Our arrangement means that no matter what you need to hear better, I have a solution that will fit both your lifestyle and budget.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have exploded in popularity over the last two years and many of the brands have now introduced them. I provide both Lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing devices and silver-zinc devices. Most of the brands have now switched to, or are in the process of, switching to lithium-ion as it has proven to be the most reliable of systems.

Invisible Hearing Aids

I also provide the ever popular invisible hearing aids. Recently new invisible hearing aids have been introduced that mean they are able to fit more people than ever.