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Oticon Hearing Aids

Danish Hearing Aid Excellence

Oticon is a Danish hearing device manufacturer who are one of the top 3 hearing aid manufacturers in the world today. Their UK head office is in Hamilton, Scotland.

Oticon were the first Danish manufacturer to have a hearing aid on the market when they produced the Oticon TA in 1947, although they have been in business for over a century. They have recently introduced the REAL range, allowing users more access to speech information, especially in a complex noisy environment. Focussing on how your brain perceives sound Oticon have gone from strength to strength with their sound processing. Available as a rechargeable aid this has proven hugely successful with many hearing aid wearers.


Oticon REAL - Be Curious. Be Involved. Stay Sharp!

Oticon Real is our new hearing aid family that gives you back the real sounds of life. The sounds that make our days memorable. The sounds that connect us to one another – and keep our minds curious, aware, and sharp.


Three Levels of Technology

The REAL platform is currently available in three levels of technology currently, the REAL 1, the REAL 2 and the REAL 3, currently available as a rechargeable and non-reachargeable mini RITE (behind the ear) option.


Experience the real sounds of life

Oticon Real features advanced technology that has learned to recognise all types of sound, their details, and how they should ideally sound – so you can experience the real sounds of life. Oticon's reputation for natural sound quality and outstanding performance in background noise makes them one of the most popular products on the market.

BrainHearing™ technology

Helps your brain function at its best by giving you access to all the meaningful sounds around you in perfect balance.

Designed for comfort

Instantly and precisely balances disruptive sounds like wind, handling noise, and sudden sounds in your environment.

Exceptional speech clarity

Delivers incredible sound quality and provides you with better access to speech – so you can follow conversations with ease.


Enjoy hands-free calls, direct streaming, and more

Stay connected to your digital world. With Oticon Real, you can make hands-free calls from iPhone and iPad,1 and stream directly from your favourite device, including select Android™ devices.2

There are two charging options available, and you can also connect a remote microphone, and easily stream sound to your TV with the TV Adapter.

1. Hands-free communication is available with iPhone 11 or later running iOS 15.2 or later, and iPad running iPad OS 15.2 or later.

2. Android devices need to support Audio Streaming from Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Real.


Oticon Own™

Oticon also have a fantastic range of custom made hearing aids, which they call OWN, for many years Oticon's reputation for small, neat, reliable custom hearing aids have been exceptional. So if size is important, and your ear is suitable this might just be the best option for you. Unfortunately they don't currently offer a rechargeable version, but I am sure that will follow.

Oticon Own In-the-Canal hearing aid is placed discreetly in the ear. With optional Bluetooth® wireless technology, Oticon Own In-the-Canal offers seamless connectivity to your favourite devices. It also offers an optional telecoil for enhanced listening in public settings with loop systems, such as the theatre or cinema.

Available from the smallest IIC size (no wireless options) up to the larger ITE size which has Bluetooth options, there is something for nearly everyone.

When we assess your hearing we will be able to assess whether your ear and test results mean you are suitable for this type of product, if not we will explain why and explore alternative options.


Oticon Accessories

At Oticon, they develop hearing care that changes the lives of people with hearing loss. They do this by pushing the limits of technology, and if that means challenging conventions, then that's what they do. They believe this is what makes them a world leader in the industry.

With a range of accessories for TV, Telephone and their app for iPhone and Android, they have a full range that means patients don't have to compromise on day to day listening.