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Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound is renowned for pioneering innovative hearing solutions for both adults and children. They were first with WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) and open fit hearing aids. ReSound are viewed as one of the premium hearing aid manufacturers, delivering strong innovation and design. With their introduction of the LiNX™, the first-ever Made For iPhone hearing aids, they again displayed their groundbreaking innovation.

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

As I said, Resound were first with Made For iPhpone hearing aids, however, they didn't rest on their laurels. They continued to innovate within this product and expanded the range from Receiver in canal hearing aids to a full range of model types.

Custom Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Resound soon introduced in the ear Made For iPhone hearing aids and until very recently, were the only brand to do so.



LiNX Quattro LT61

Resound has announced the launch of a new premium plus hearing aid called the LiNX Quattro. Resound have purposely kept the details a little vague as they will make them clearer as they go through the launch cycle. However, I wanted to outline clearly what we know, and take a guess at what we don't,.




This is what we know so far:

  • The devices will only be available in one new technology level
  • The devices are Receiver In Canal devices
  • The devices are Bluetooth hearing aids
  • The devices use a brand new chip platform
  • The chip has 100% faster processing than 3D
  • The chip has 100% additional memory over the 3D
  • Resound are using a new way of handling directionality inputs
  • They have introduced a redesigned wireless radio with extra signal strength
  • They have extended the bandwidth of the devices giving extra high-frequencies
  • They have increased their dynamic input range, calling it industry leading
  • The devices are available with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and without
  • The rechargeable hearing device will deliver 24 hours of use with 50% streaming on a three-hour charge
  • The Lithium-ion devices will deliver 30 hours of use without streaming on a three-hour charge


A Lithium-ion Rechargeable Made For iPhone Hearing Aid

The LiNX Quattro is a rechargeable direct connection, Bluetooth enabled or Made For iPhone hearing aid just like all the LiNX devices before it. Resound have redesigned the wireless radio though and they say that it is more powerful than ever before. That should translate into pretty stable connection to the iPhone and hopefully Android phones when Android releases the new version. Making it a rechargeable device makes a lot of sense, although they have used the chip upgrades to improve power consumption, a rechargeable option allows you the comfort of never having to worry about hearing aid batteries. The battery life is also fantastic, they say that you will get 24 hours of life even if you are streaming for 50% of the time, that's pretty amazing. The device shown above is the rechargeable option, but they are also offering a traditional hearing aid battery model which is based on the LT-62 using a size thirteen battery.


Premium Plus Price Point

Resound have not introduced the devices as a replacement for the LiNX 3D, rather, they have introduced them as a new premium price point above the LiNX 3D 9. As I said, they have introduced two RIC models, it will be interesting if the expand the models and the price points. We will keep you updated as to what they do next.



LiNX Quattro LT61

The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Platform

The Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids are the top of the range, Made For iPhone hearing aid technology from GN Resound. They offer the pinnacle of Resound technology and will deliver outstanding results even in very complex sound situations. As is common with Resound, along with the launch of their major platforms they launch something new and innovative. In the case of the LiNX 3D it is a whole new way to experience hearing care. The original ReSound LiNX allowed users to adjust their own settings as they went, but with the new LiNX 3D, they can request assistance wherever they are directly from their mobile app, and their hearing professional can make all the adjustments necessary. Let's take a high-level view of the Resound LiNX 3D range

The ReSound LiNX 3D includes GN Hearing's 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and 3rd generation binaural directionality. They say it will provide users with "clear, natural sound, exceptional speech understanding and the best sense of where sounds are coming from." There are eleven different hearing aid models in three levels of technology.

  • It is up to 50% better at identifying speech across various environments
  • It enables users to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around them, and
  • It enables users to understand up to 40% more speech in noise

When connected to the brand new apps that have been designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, users will be able to access custom control features for the hearing aid. There is also built-in guidance steps to understand both the hearing aids and the software, there is also coaching assistance to get the most out of the hearing aids. When compared to competitors, the company said that the ReSound LiNX 3D and companion app are up to 50 percent better at identifying speech across various environments, enable users to hear up to 80 percent more of the sounds around them, and enable users to understand up to 40 percent more speech in noise.


Full Range of Models

The LiNX 3D range is a full range of hearing aid types in three levels of technolgy. The models range from Completely In Canl hearing aids all the way through two types of Receiver In Canal hearing aids to Behind The Ear hearing aids. There really is a LiNX 3D to suit you.



LiNX 3D Hearing Aids Comparison Chart

  LiNX 3D9 LiNX 3D7 LiNX 3D5
Everyday situations Five-star hearing Four-star hearing Three-star hearing
Small groups Five-star hearing Four-star hearing Four-star hearing
Stream Phone Conversation Five-star hearing Five-star hearing Five-star hearing
TV Five-star hearing Four-star hearing Three-star hearing
Car Five-star hearing Four-star hearing Three-star hearing
Shopping Five-star hearing Four-star hearing Three-star hearing
Larger Meetings Five-star hearing NA NA
Theatre Five-star hearing NA NA
Social Events Five-star hearing NA NA
Remote Fine Tuning of Hearing Aids Yes Yes Yes
Tinnitus Therapy Feature Yes Yes Yes