Best hearing aid providers for 2018
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Best hearing aid providers for 2018



Which surveyed more than 3,100 customer to bring you an essential guide to the best and worst hearing aid providers. Here are a couple of the highlights.

Out of the five large High Street chains rated, the top provider scored 79%, while the bottom one scored as low as 62%

Independent retailers came out top, with a overall customer satisfaction score of 87%, Independents also scored highly on pricing transparency and value for money.

While independents didn’t score as the lowest average price when purchasing hearing aids, it was worth noting that the company who also scored the lowest (62%) for customer satisfaction also charged the lowest price. The survey showed that the average highest price was from independents.

Why is it important to know the facts? Well in my opinion, you get what you pay for! Your hearing is an important element of your everyday life, why wouldn’t you want the best for it? From the people surveyed 69% of them wore their hearing aids nearly every day. It therefore goes without saying that you want to get the very best care as well.

We pride ourselves in offering the best aftercare we can and while there are always alternative, lower cost, options available it doesn’t always follow that you’ll get value for money. It’s cruical that you can trust your hearing care professional to not only give you the best possible advice but do what is right for your hearing.

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