What is a hearing test?
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What is a hearing test?



Out of the 1 in 6 people who suffer from a hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing device, sadly many will not do anything about it. With much research showing a link to poor performance in a working environment, an impact on personal relationships as well as social isolation and even depression as well as ill health it can come as a surprise to learn that it takes as much as 10 years for someone to address issues with their hearing. The most common reason? People do not believe their hearing loss is serious enough to warrant hearing aids, a fact backed up by all the statistics.

However, once a patient does decide to have a hearing test, what is involved?

Whether you go via your NHS clinic or decide to visit a private clinic the audiologist will first examine the outer part of the ear and examine the ear with the use of an otoscope. A painless procedure it will allow the audiologist to assess the condition and health of both the outer ear and the canal and ear drum and allows them to check whether there are any obstructions (potential earwax) that may be preventing sound from reaching the ear drum. Audiologists are trained to recognise symptoms of any diseases which need specialist help and may refer to a GP or ENT Specialist.

A hearing test is then conducted through headphones, asking the patient to listen to a range of tones which are played at different volumes and frequencies. Depending on how well these are heard and responded to will allow the clinician to assess whether the patient has a hearing loss and what what needs to be done to help correct it.

At Brighton Hearing Care we offer a free hearing test and health check of your ears and hearing. We can then give you advice as to whether there is an actual loss and what options are available to resolve it.

We also offer advice on ear wax removal and can arrange your G.P. to receive a copy of your test results if you wish.

We also recommend that our patients have an annual check up, just as you would for a sight test so we can assess if there has been any changes in the health of your ears and hearing.

If you feel there has been a change in your hearing and have concerns, why not get in touch for a FREE hearing test.