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NEW Oticon Opn S



Oticon Opn product offered some of the very best sound quailty available in a hearing device along with some great opportunities for connectivity. With its fast Velox platform it was and still is a huge success.

Oticon have just launched their NEW Opn S product which promises some bold technology and results, which if it delivers will take hearing care to the next level.

Oticon Opn S breaks a law of physics and delivers further improvements in speech understanding and listening effort. Fuelled by the new, advanced Velox S™ platform, Oticon Opn S takes the open sound experience and unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to new grounds.

Now, with the upgraded OpenSound Navigator and the OpenSound Optimizer working together, Oticon Opn S takes BrainHearing™ benefits to new heights*:

  • Oticon Opn increased speech understanding with 30% compared to traditional hearing aids. Now, Oticon Opn S outperforms Oticon Opn with a further 15% increase.
  • Oticon Opn reduced the listening effort with 20% compared to traditional hearing aids. Oticon Opn S adds an extra 10% reduction to that performance.
  • Oticon Opn improved memory recall with 20% compared to traditional hearing aids. With Oticon Opn S that number is increased with an additional 10%.
    * Juul Jensen 2019, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S 1

That's not all! They have also released a lithim-Ion rechargeable version of the Opn S 1, so now you can have all that fantastic sound quality and technology with the outstanding performance of rechargeable.

It’s exciting times for hearing care, So why not contact us and find out more about this amazing product!