Meet the new range of award-winning Oticon Own™ Hearing Aids
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Meet the new range of award-winning Oticon Own™ Hearing Aids

Oticon release new Oticon Own™ technology levels 3, 4 and 5

Last year one of our hearing aid suppliers Oticon announced the release of their new Oticon Own™ range – their new family of custom, made for you, in-the-ear hearing aids offering the best in audiological performance, supported by the brand’s latest superior life-changing technology.

Oticon Own™ are the world's first custom hearing aids with an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, which is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes. This means that the Own™ hearing aids recognise virtually all types of sounds and can support the brain for a best-in-class hearing experience.

Oticon released versions 1 and 2 a while ago, which have been available in our Bognor Regis store, but recently announced the launch of three more technology levels – 3, 4 and 5 – in December.

The Own™ range is already award-winning, being honoured in the highly competitive ‘Wearable Technologies’ category at the world’s leading Consumer Technology Awards Programme, CES in November 2022. Judges for the prestigious technology award, who annually select the best of the best in consumer electronics, praised Oticon Own™ for "innovative design and engineering features that scored highly across the evaluation criteria".





Full range of Oticon Own™ hearing aids now available!

With the new technology levels launching, we are now able to order the full range of Oticon Own™ hearing aids in store, available now.

If you’re concerned about your hearing, or experiencing hearing loss, speak to our team of fully-qualified audiologists to book an appointment with us.

After your assessment, our audiologists offer impartial hearing care advice, tailored to you and can explain more about how Oticon Own™ hearing aids could help you.

Speak to us today or learn more about Oticon Own™ here.


Signia Active and Active Pro - The Hearable Solution


Wow! exciting times are ahead, the 9th of April saw the introduction of this brand new concept from Signia and we can't wait to get our hands on it. So what's new and what's so great about this hearable solution.

Game Changing Tech

The game-changing Signia Active solutions take hearing aids to the next level for you. Prescription audio that enhances human performance and enables wearers to Be Brilliant. Signia Active can be put in and taken out of the ears as easily as any earbud.

With a modern-looking, easy to use and fast to fit, these handy devices mark a whole new category of hearing solutions. For anyone who doesn’t want to wear traditional hearing aids, but wants to enjoy hearing everything that’s important to them these are the instruments for you.

The Signia Active solutions combine iconic user-friendly design (similar to other hi-end audio brands) with audiological high-tech. This includes Signia Xperience YourSound technology for superior speech understanding in noise.

They also offer Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls on the go, and portable Li-ion rechargeability with the pocket-sized Signia Active Charger.

Available in five different technology levels this truly unique offering has something for everyone's budget makes the latest product from Signia a real winner!

Superb Sound Quality

The revolutionary Signia Active devices help cut through the noise and take your hearing to the next level.

Signia Active Pro – personally tailored prescription audio in the style of sleek earbuds - powered by a premium feature set.

Signia Active - hear what matters to you in the style of sleek earbuds, powered by a basic feature set (when
compared to the Pro devices).

So whether you are in a crowded street, in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, Signia Active solutions tackle these challenges expertly with brilliant sound.



If you would like to see for yourself exactly what the Signia Active product can do for you contact us to book your consultation or book online.

Oticon - Now offering MORE!


Oticon More

Today Oticon, one of the worlds leaders in hearing care, launched their NEW hearing aid and Sight and Sound, Bognor were extremely excited to attend their virtual launch. So what did the new product have to offer, here are some of the highlights. A world-first solution that makes it possible to give hearing aid users access to all relevant sounds, not only speech.

Less is not enough for your brain

Have you ever thought it would be great to hear more of what’s going on around you? This is not possible with traditional hearing aids because they’re designed to focus solely on
speech coming from in front of you. But that’s not an ideal way to treat hearing loss.

With such a limited sound scene, it becomes difficult to follow conversations. And it’s almost impossible to hear background sounds – which are vital to hearing naturally. Most importantly,
a limited sound scene prevents your brain from getting the sound information it needs.

Your brain needs access to more

The sound scene around you is constantly changing in unpredictable ways – everywhere you go. And it contains far more richness than just speech. So your brain has evolved to handle all this complexity and create meaning from it.

At Oticon, they focus on understanding the brain better and develop technology that supports it. New research tells us the brain needs access to the full sound scene to naturally make sense of sounds.

Oticon More allows you to experience the full sound scene in all its richness

Oticon More embodies our BrainHearing™ philosophy. This means it supports your brain by giving it access to the full sound scene.

Our most intelligent microchip ever – Polaris™ – enables Oticon More to use a ground breaking new technology: a Deep Neural Network (DNN).

This mimics how the brain works and has learned to recognize all kinds of sounds in fine detail – so it knows how they should ideally sound. The result is a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear, complete, and balanced sound scene – so you get more from every listening situation.

Proven to make it much easier for your brain

Through testing, Oticon tells us that the More makes sounds up to 60% clearer inside the brain. This shows precisely how much easier it becomes to hear the sounds around you.

In fact, when compared to their best hearing aid until now (Opn S), you will hear and understand 15% more of what’s being said, which will help you remember more of it later.

Connectivity & Rechargeable

The hearing aid is also the first from Oticon that now offers connectivity to not only iPhone but Android phones, allowing patients the ability to enjoy taking calls, streaming music all through their hearing aids.

The More is also rechargeable, this isn't something strictly new as most hearing aids and manufacturers offer something similar. However, when your listening to your favourite track or in the middle of a call it definitely helps to know you have the power available to keep on going.


At Sight and Sound, Bognor we are very excited about this new product and for anyone with experience of previous Oticon technology we are expecting some great reviews. If you haven't experienced what Oticon products are capable of then you really are missing out.

So if you want to find out more about the More! (no pun intended) call Sight and Sound, Bognor on 01243 823144 or book an appointment on our website